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Hi there,

My name is Anna, and I am a wellbeing expert and positive psychology teacher.

My passion is to support people, teams and organisations to achieve their goals, drive positive change and maximise their potential. I love to see clients become more engaged in their work, perform at their best, take control of their wellbeing, and thrive both personally and professionally.

I use evidence-based techniques and tools from a variety of sources, as well as the latest scientific positive psychology research when working with clients. I also draw on my experiences and learnings from working for a decade in the financial services industry including leading national sales teams. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts, and completed the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology in 2019. I am also accredited in the Strengths Profile diagnostic tool and am a certified Organisational Coach.

You can find out what my clients say about me here.

If you are interested in working with me or would like to have a chat, you can contact me here.

I hope to speak with you soon,


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  1. Thanks Matilda – I was keen to use my studies and learnings from leading teams to help other leaders so they too can drive the engagement and performance of their teams with approaches that work!

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